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16 cosas que todas las personas más torpes necesitan

Hay personas que viven golpeados, amoratados, quemados y con la pantalla del celular rota, son esas personas que no pueden evitar pasar a llevar, botar o romper cualquier objeto que se les cruce, sin contar las múltiples caídas y golpes de las que son víctimas.

Para todas esas personas que han hecho de la torpeza, un estilo de vida, estos 16 objetos les harán todo un poco más fácil.

Promising Review: "Just as illustrated, a cute gift for a clumsy person. I bought it for my wife to put on her monitor in her office. It made her smile because that is the type of humor we appreciate." —RemiGooseGet it from Amazon for $6.95.

1- Una figurita Lego torpe, para recordarte que siempre estamos propensos a sufrir accidentes.

Promising Review: "These are every bit as amazing as people say. I had a fabulous new pair of shoes that I simply could not wear for fear of busting my butt. I put these babies on the bottom and I'm good to go. Not sure what they are made of, but the surface is incredibly skid resistant, even on a wet surface." —HWalkerFGet a two-pack from Amazon for $10.02.

2- Un set de antideslizantes para los zapatos, para nunca más resbalar.

Promising Review: "I bought this for my accident-prone neighbor for her birthday, and she loves it! Now she doesn't have to worry about spilling her morning coffee or afternoon tea onto her important papers or craft supplies. I've had one of these mugs for a couple of years, and it still works just as well as the day I bought it!" —BethaniGet it from Amazon for $17.83. Available in seven colors.

3- Un mug con peso, así evitas los derrames involuntarios en el trabajo.

Get them from Misguided for $48. Available in sizes 5-10.

4- Un par de zapatillas con velcro, para nunca más tropezar con los cordones.

Promising Review: "This product is great for polishing your nails without the worry of spilling the polish bottle. It's ideal when the availability of a flat surface to hold your polish isn't available. Tweexy keeps the bottle accessible and makes it very easy to coat the brush from any angle without the fear of spilling. It also helps to provide control as you polish, especially for the 'odd' hand." —Sharon JGet it from Amazon for $10. Available in nine colors.

5- Un sostenedor para el esmalte de uñas. Nunca más tu cubrecama será adornado con el color de la temporada.

Promising Review: "I am constantly burning my hands and forearms reaching for things in the oven, and when I saw this product I couldn't order it fast enough! I'm very happy with it, and feeling much safer already!" —J. Mitchell Get a two-pack from Amazon for $10. Available in three colors.

6- Protectores para las bandejas del horno, evitarán esas molestas quemaduras en los brazos.

Promising Review: "I am always chopping my fingernail when doing onions. Love this product. It's fast and protecting. Grandkids will be here over spring break and can't wait for them to try it out." —Grandma13Get it from Amazon for $6.97.

7- Un protector de dedos, para los más torpes aficionados a la cocina.

8- Un botiquín de emergencia portátil con todo lo que necesitarás.

Promising Review: "This book strengthened my already strong inclinations to avoid preventable injuries and help family and friends do likewise. The style is clear and conversational." —PatGet it from Amazon for $14.55. Also available on Kindle.

9- Un libro informativo que te ayudará a entender que la torpeza es un estado mental inevitable.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $10.

10- Un vasito con manillas y bombilla, para quienes siempre botan y quiebran los vasos.

Promising Review: "Ive accidentally put my phone through an entire wash cycle and the LifeProof saved it! Not a drop of water inside! I'm also a klutz and drop my phone at least a couple times a day and it hasn't cracked." —BarbsGet it from Amazon for $38.99+. Available in eight colors.

11- Una carcasa para celular súper resistente a los golpes y al agua.

Promising Review: "I'm terrified of burning myself on hot pans and the oven — which I've done using potholders several times. These are a little big, but I can still use them easily, and the stars help me keep my grip. Also, I freely admit, I think they're stinking adorable." —justanotherreviewerGet it from Amazon for $17.99.

12- Guantes resistentes al calor, para parrillar tranquilo y sin penas.

Get it from Cafe Press for $19.95. Available in sizes S-2XL, 10 colors.

13- Una polera que le advertirá a quienes te rodean que todo puede pasar.

Promising Review: "I knew I was going to love these for casual everyday wear, but I never anticipated actually being able to use them in my running shoes. I like my laces tight for running and just didn't think these would be able to stay put. I was wrong! I ran five miles and the laces were just as tight upon completion as they were when I started! I plan on replacing all my laces with these." —AA2017Get them from Amazon for $9.99. Available in 20 colors.

14- Cordones para zapatos que no requieren amarrarse.

15- Una botella de crema para moretones.

Promising Review: "I cannot say enough good things about this hairdryer! I bought my previous hairdryer because it had a long cord, lots of heat, and lots of power. Fast forward two years and I'm sick of tripping over the cord, burning my scalp, and blowing my hair too hard to style on high and hardly moving it on low. So I ordered this dryer with some trepidation...and I love it! The cord is long enough to reach wherever needed and then zips away when I'm done, the heat is perfect and it's plenty powerful enough. Let me just add that when I first turned it on, I was a little worried, I have very long, thick, hair, and the dryer seemed a little short on heat and blowing power. However, by some miraculous process, this dryer actually dries my hair in about half the time my old one did! No more hanging around for hours with my head in a towel." —PatriciaGet it from Amazon for $34.99. Also available in purple.

16- Secador de pelo con cable retráctil, para que nunca más te tropieces.

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